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News Post #17 CES2013: Printable guns, roll-up phones and the fork that helps you diet

Link: http://www.independent.ie/business/technology/ces2013-printable-guns-rollup-phones-and-the-fork-that-helps-you-diet-3357454.html

Summary: 2013’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was held in Las Vegas which showed many interesting, intriguing and jaw-dropping gadgets that will be in stores this year. However, there were also quirky and weird ideas as well during CES 2013 such as a 70 euro fork that “nags” you when you are eating too much. More detail on these wacky and yet interesting ideas and notions can be found by clicking the link above this summary.

How is this related to technology? : Electronics have been a part of technology for decades. Moreover, that would make these electronics shown in the CES event related to technology as well.


  • Consumer Electronics Association (Positive):  From the wacky to the amazing all these electronics should positively affect the CEA and should gain some major income and renown. Also, they may even decide to still continue the CES events for the upcoming years despite their reputation of “success” from critics in the past years.
  • Companies that are showing gadgets (Positive/Negative): If any company does well in showing off their products they will gain some serious renown and may influence consumers to buy their products instead of another competitor. However, companies may also be affected negatively as they may bomb their presentation causing barely anybody to buy their product when it comes out.
  • Consumers (Positive): Whether or not this CES event is a hit or not the consumers will be positively affected as they will have a variety products to choose to buy and enjoy.
  • Humanity (Positive): Humanity will be positively affected as they will evolve though these new and or revolutionized gadgets that will be in stores soon. Also, no matter how wacky it may seem, like a vibrating fork, it could be more beneficial than someone might think.
  • Government (Neutral): It genuinely doesn’t matter how this event turns out as the government will not be immensely affected because they have bigger priorities that is damaging them, such as the economy.
  • Investors (Positive/Negative): Depending on who the investors invest into is how they will be affected. For instance, if they invest into a company whose product doesn’t sell that many to consumers then they will lose their invested money. However, if the company they invest into is selling many of their products to consumers then they will earn their investments back and more.
  • Companies that didn’t participate in this event (Negative/Neutral): Depending on who the company is and how they are doing in the market, is how they will be affected. For instance, a big company like Apple that didn’t participate in this event will not be really affected as they have already sold many of their products, while a small not that popular company that didn’t participate in this show will be negatively affected as many consumers are drawn to those products of the company that was at the event.

Reflection/Opinion/Questions: Personally, I think that even these wacky and quirky gadgets will sell fairly as people will wonder if it will actually help them or not, and it is through this curiosity that some people buy these products. As for the jaw dropping gadgets such as the ULTRA HDTV I believe that those gadgets will sell the most as many people are highlighting it on the internet.

What was the most interesting gadget to you on the CES event?

In your opinion, which gadget shown in the CES event, will sell the most this year?

Would you buy any of the gadgets shown in the CES event?



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