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News Post # 18 [CES 2013, NSFW] Booth Babes Controversy An Important Reminder That Sometimes Sexy Trumps

LInk: http://www.inquisitr.com/479692/ces-2013-booth-babes-controversy-an-important-reminder-that-sometimes-sexy-trumps-skills/

Summary: Booth babes this CES have caused a lot of controversy  especially the ones found in the link above. It is these women on display (also known as “fembots”) were representations of the “depersonalization” of a female that a booth babe represents. This is basically stating that (in this case) verbal input is not required and that a woman’s breasts, legs, butt and silence is all that is needed in humanity. Overall, the presence of booth babes served an important role in attracting people to the product and yet for some people it served a fairly depressing role as well.

How is this related to technology? Electronics have been a part of technology for decades. Moreover, these booth babes are showing off the electronics in the CES show and some are even using techonology devices to do so. So, anything having to do with the appearance of a techonological device, is related to technology (like these booth babes).


  • Booth Babes (Positive/Negative): Depending, on how one looks at it Booth babes can be affected negatively or positively. For instance, in the positive way, these Booth babes are getting paid just to attract people (especially men) to look at the product they are promoting and make them remember that product when they leave the event. However, on the negative view, these woman are being wrongly used and emotionally abused when changing into something they’re not.
  • CEA (Positive): Regardless of what people think about booth babes, the CEA is not greatly affected as it is not them who chooses the look of a booth babe, it is the company showing off the product that chooses.
  • Companies participating (Positive/Negative): Depending on how one looks at it companies may be affected negatively or positively. For example, in the positive way, these companies may be attracting more viewers (especially males) to check out their product and remember it when they leave compared to a company that doesn’t have a booth babe. However, in the negative perspective, these companies may be frowned upon by those who strongly disagree with the booth babe “job” and thus affecting their reputation negatively as some consumers may view them as sexist or even racist.
  • Women in general (Positive/Negative): Depending on how a women feels about booth babes is how each individual woman is affected. For instance, if a woman doesn’t like the job of a booth babe then they will be negatively affected as they will be looking towards the negative of how booth babes affect woman in general and that they are nothing but breasts & legs for example. However, some women can also look at this in a positive way, in that these women are able to dress up into something interesting and nice to look at.
  • Government (Neutral): Regardless of how this controversy ends, the government will not be greatly affected as they have more important things to attend to such as economic situations.
  • Men looking at displays in CES (Positive/Negative): Once again, depending on how one looks at it, the men looking at the displays in CES can be negatively affected or positively affected. For instance, looking at it positively these men will have something, other than the gadgets, to look at and admire as well as remember from this experience (other than the gadgets). As for looking at it negatively, these men may appear as perverts for some people and maybe even twisted for STARING at these booth babes.

Reflection/Opinion/Questions: I truthfully don’t have an strong opinion on this topic as I believe that if a woman chose to be a booth babe then I don’t see why some women may see that as “depersonalization”. Although, I don’t know if they are able to choose or not, I personally do NOT find this in anyway “depersonalizing”. In addition, if I had the choice whether to have booth babes in CES or not, I would rather have booth babes as they make theatmosphere of the room a little more lively and for some reason (in my opinion) happier!

What is your opinion on the usage of “Booth Babes” at any convention?

Do you think booth babes play a SIGNIFICANT role in showing off a product in CES 2013?

Would you pay more attention to a booth with a booth babe than a booth WITHOUT a booth babe?



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