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News Post #19 The Hottest Cars at CES 2013

Link: http://www.pcmag.com/slideshow/story/306790/the-hottest-cars-at-ces-2013

Summary: In CES 2013, car companies such as Audi, Ford and more announced a technological breakthrough with the cars they are and have attempted to manufacture. One of the most outstanding features some car companies announced was a self-piloting/self-driving feature. Basically, it is a feature that can be activated by a mobile app, which once activated can drive itself to your location and pick you up. However, there are many other cool features, that was the most intriguing and revolutionizing.

How is this related to technology? :  Electronics have been a part of technology for decades. Moreover, these cars are technological creations in the CES show , so therefore anything thing closely related to these cars is related to technology.


  • CEA (Positive): From this revolutionizing idea and feature, the CEA will gain some major renown as this is where the idea was made public to an immense audience. In addition, it should cause the CEA to continue holding CES shows in the near future, therefore continuing to make more income.
  • Car companies (Positive/Negative): Depending on how well a car company shows off their new vehicle is how they are affected; either negatively or positively. For instance, if a car company such as Audi does well in showing off how revolutionizing   their car is then they will be positively affected as consumers in the future would be more likely to buy their car over another car that doesn’t have the feature that an Audi car will have. In addition, in the negative stand-point, if a company doesn’t have any interesting features to show at CES 2013 then they will lose money as few people will be buying their cars when it comes out.
  • Government (Positive): If these cars sell VERY well in the future than the Government will be affected positively as they can set a new set of taxes on those specific self-driving automobiles, thus causing a growth on their amount of tax money.
  • Consumers (Positive/Negative): People that will buy these cars when they come out may be either negatively affected or positively affected. For example, in the positive view, they will have a new, cool & beneficial car that can pick them by simply using the app on their mobile device. However, in the negative perspective, it may cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy as well as tons of money to repair it if damaged.
  • New drivers (Positive/Negative): Depending on how one looks at it, new drivers that will drive this car will be either positively affected or negatively affected. For example, looking at it positively, the new drivers will have less stress as their car can come to them by using their phone and they will feel safer knowing that their car can drive themselves. Negatively however, they may not get enough practice driving and if their car malfunctions causing them to drive with their hands they may not be ready and as a result, they could be in a horrific accident.
  • Humanity (Positive/Negative): From these cars, humanity could be positively affected as they can have their car pick them up using their phone if they forgot where they parked it or just don’t want to walk all the way there. However, negatively it could make humanity very lazy and maybe even obese if they don’t exercise well and constantly use the feature of “calling” their car to pick them up.

Reflection/Opinion/Questions: I am truly excited for these type of cars to come out as they are extremely cool and revolutionizing to see. In addition, I wonder how they were even able to use one’s phone to command one’s car to drive towards their location. Also, I wonder if they will malfunction and cause major and gruesome accidents. Overall, despite all the safety concerns I have about this invention, I still have hopes of it succeeding to be a MAINLY beneficial product.

Would you (or your parents) buy this car?

Do you think that these types of cars will cause more or less accidents?

How much do you think these cars will be worth when it officially comes out?


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