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The Senate; Is it necessary?

The senate is truly one of the most debated topics in Canada to date. Some people want to abolish it, some want to reform it and some just want to leave it alone. Personally, I believe we should just leave the senate in its current state and really contemplate on the best beneficial reform for EVERY CANADIAN CITIZEN. Also, even though it may seem to some as though some type of reform is necessary, when you think about the numerous negative effects from some reformations, leaving the senate as is may be for the best. Therefore, due to the negative effects of certain reformations to certain residents living in Canada, the numerous possibilities of an abolition and the reality of leaving the senate as it is currently, I genuinely believe that leaving the senate in its current state is the best decision we as Canadians should accept until a true reformation that benefits ALL CANADIANS is thought up.

First of all, even though certain reformations such as the ability to vote for senators may indeed be more democratic, every Canadian should ask themselves if we really want to be in an economic situation like the Americans. Do we really want to be $16+ trillions of dollars in debt? I am not saying that this is the only possibility that will come about from this reformation; it is just one of many possibilities. However, that doesn’t mean we should ignore that possibility as it does seem to be the most logical possible outcome. Also, isn’t that what this specific reformation is trying to do, make citizens of Canada be able to vote for senators? This is why reforming in this way is not the most beneficial decision for the nation of Canada. There are also many other ways of reforming the senate but many of them involve problems with the Quebecois in that they feel some proposed reforms affect their constitutional rights. Also, speaking of not beneficial decisions, an abolished Senate may also have a negative impact on Canadians as well.

Generally, those who believe abolishing the Senate would be the best decision to end this issue of what to do with the senate are very optimistic people. However, even though it may seem as though abolishing the senate will be the best idea (in some peoples’ opinion and views) there are so many possibilities that can happen against Canadian benefits. For example. if the senate is abolished then the procedure to pass laws will go through less checking over and as a result more undemocratic or unfair laws may be passed. However, to abolish the senate may be the best way of reform as there is no way of telling how the extinction of a senate will affect Canada in its entirety, it could positively affect the nation or negatively affect the nation. So, since most reformation and abolition of the senate are not the best options at the moment, would should just accept that the senate should just be left as is.

In reality, the senate does need some type of change whether through abolition or another type of reformation, but right now, “Now, now, now!” (a quote from the Lincoln movie) we are better off still trying to figure out the best way to change the senate while leaving it as it is for now. Moreover, our debt is not as bad as the American government’s debt so why reform it so we can vote for new senators. Sure being able to vote for senators is more democratic, but we should not do something just so the nation is more democratic and instead we should be focusing on what GENUINELY BENEFITS the nation even if it means not voting for senators. Furthermore, as for the aforementioned abolition, to reiterate, there are just to many possibilities having both bad and good effects to the country and since this is a COUNTRY and NOT A COMPANY, taking a risk to abolish the senate and hope for a positive possibility is not even a decision to think about. This is why for now, we should only be thinking about the MOST BENEFICIAL REFORM and keep the senate in its current state.

Finally, from these specific reasons, the negative effects of certain reformations to certain residents living in Canada, the numerous possibilities of an abolition and the reality of leaving the senate as it is currently, is why I truly believe that, “Now, now, now!”, we should simply THINK about the MOST BENEFICIAL CHANGE for the WHOLE NATION! 


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  1. mrkowalenko says:

    So, to sum up your argument, “Now! Now! Now!”….do nothing. Ha! You made some good points. Missing is some discussion on other problems with the Senate: regional representation and patronage. Very passionate argument, though!


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