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Doctor’s Office



Write a description of your scene, and the objects that are located within the scene.

In addition to your description, detail any challenges that you had while working through Autodesk.

In this scene I have created a doctor’s reception room and doctor’s office room with various objects and shapes within the 3ds max program. In the reception area I was trying to make a very sophisticated area with features you wouldn’t normally find in a usual doctor’s reception room. For example I added an “extruded line” with a liquid water texture to make it appear as though there is a stream of water going along the windows and receptionist’s desk. As for the receptionist’s desk it is basically a cylinder that has been “cut” into half with the top portion “beveled”, “extruded”, and “inseted”. The sofas in the room are “rounded” box objects grouped together and colored with various leather textures found within the program itself. Also, the table is a box object with extruded faces for legs and a texture for show! As for the chairs, they are planes that have also been extruded and “spline lines” that have been edited as well. The windows and doors are simply pre-made objects found within the program with a simple glass texture added to it. Moving on through the door that separates the two rooms, is the doctor’s office! In here there are many challenges in creating the bed, the cupboards as well as the closet and doctor’s desk! For example, making that curve with the white bed sheet was very “buggy” or “glitchy” as I had trouble setting up the collide feature between the mattress (which is basically a rounded out box object) and the stone support. For the cupboards, it was really hard to properly extrude out the faces as the edges were not cooperating and extruding outwards in directions that I didn’t want it to go! Moreover, those cupboards are basically box objects that have been edited. As for the desk and closets, they too were boxes that have been  “beveled”, “extruded”, and “inseted”. In addition, the lamps in both rooms are 3 cylinders that have been re-sized and edited with textures and “cut-outs”. Furthermore, the rug is simply a plane object with a rug texture found in the internet and put into the 3ds max program via bitmap and the water is like the water described before. Moving on, the wooden cross is simply two boxes re-sized into rectangular boxes with a wooden texture added and the pictures and “plasma television screen” (found in reception area) are basically boxes that were re-sized with a texture found off the internet as well. To finish describing the interior of the building the floor is a simple plane object with a wooden texture and the walls is another pre-made object that can be stretched out to the user’s liking. Finally, the exterior has some extra box objects that have the “shell” modifier to added depth and the stairs are another pre-made object that can bed re-sized to the users liking!

Overall, despite the redundant and numerous challenges with the bed and cupboards, I was very persistent into making this building as best I could and was very pleased on how it turned out as I do not have a lot of experience in operating 3ds max!



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