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So Far, I have completed the following news articles and topics:

1) HP Unveils Windows 8-Friendly Touch PCs

2) Gas prices fall but pace could be slow because of supply issues; oil prices rise <MARK THIS ONE!!!!!

3) 11-Year-Old Wins Hackathon, Develops ‘Rode Dog’ App To Discourage Texting While Driving

4) Bing is the most heavily poisoned search engine, study says

5) City of Vancouver app could let citizens interact with public officials

In addition to completing the above articles, I have also made intelligent comments and reflections on the following people’s article posts:

    1. Article on Mr. Uppal’s Post about Toys R Us introducing a new tablet specifically for kids.

(a)   My comments were:

In my opinion, I also believe that this is an amazing product. With this new tablet parents would be able to get their kids somewhat familiar with technology as it is revolutionizing humanity in a massive and positive way. Also, in contrast to Mr. Uppal’s opinion about the price, I think this tablet has a reasonable price even if it is a “toy” because the amount of benefits for not only the children using the tablet, but the future, are huge. Such “huge” benefits that applies to some of those kids using the tablet include, enhanced knowledge about how the world works, few basic life skills, an early contact with operating technological devices, a fun time and probably the most important benefit; motivation to learn. Moreover, with that motivation to learn, those kids in the future can help humanity evolve by getting careers such as engineers and build stuff for us that will positively revolutionize the way we live.

Now based on my aforementioned opinion about the tablet, you can guess that it is pretty clear that I believe this tablet will be successful as I believe that the parents of this world, in the long run, can see how helpful this tablet can be to humanity.

Even I would buy this tablet, not for myself though, but probably for my younger niece or cousin as I want them to have fun with technology and not be afraid of it when they are older or any age as a matter of fact.

    2. Article on Harshmeet’s Post about an app called “Rode Dog” that may help you resist texting while driving.

(a)   My comments were:

This app is an interesting idea and I hope that it will work exceptionally well. If this app does work well than this app will save many lives and not only for drivers who text and drive but also the people around them who could be in danger due to the “texter’s” inattentiveness towards the road. However, I have doubts that majority of those who text while driving will download this app as they may have a strong need to text and drive, which is plain stupidity in my opinion. If I knew somebody that texts while driving I would try my best to persuade them into downloading this app on their phone. I would inform them on the dangers on texting while driving and the consequences of doing such an act.

However, I would not buy this app for myself as I have the intelligence and common sense to not text while drive.

Reiterating, I genuinely hope this app will help people in achieving their goals, if any, to not text while drive.

    3. Article on Richard’s Post about Microsoft’s upcoming new operating system Windows 8.

(a)   My comments were:

The upcoming Windows 8 operating system, in my opinion, is a fascinating system for products to date. In addition, even though some people say/think that Microsoft has just taken Apple’s idea of touch capable tablets, laptops and notebooks, I for one do not care for such an accusation. I believe that as long as technology is constantly evolving the way we live (positively) than it doesn’t matter who created what in the long run. I also think that it is rather selfish and self-centered to make an accusation like that because technically if someone created something completely brand new and somebody else just so happens to have a similar idea/form of it in the future, in my eyes, that just shows how much that person, or those people, really wants to expand and share this idea to benefit the rest of humanity.

As for considering buying this type of product, since I don’t have a touch product from Apple or Microsoft…I would in fact buy this product as long as I have funds to spare, as I want to experience the evolution of technology for computers, notebooks, laptops and more.

    4. Article on Mohammed’s Post about Facebook reaching 1 billion active users.

(a)   My comments were:

I agree with Mohammed’s reflection in that I am now realizing how beneficial Facebook can be. For example, it is a great way to connect with friends online, get updated on news from the people you subscribed to like comedians, news (CNN) and not only that Facebook helps pass time when the weather is bad and you cannot go outside to play games with your friends. In addition, I am glad to be a user of Facebook as the developers, programmers and idealists revolutionize the way humanity interacts with each other through the evolution of technology.

    5. Article on Kirby’s post about humanoid robots teaching students.

(a)   My comments were:

This topic is very interesting to read up on as the idea for a robot to have an artificial mind superior or at least one equal to that of a human’s is very hard to accomplish for humanity. It is for that reason on why I believe that this would truly be one of the greatest achievements for mankind.

However, I personally believe that getting taught by a robot would not be the greatest idea for anybody as you never know how faulty the robot will be and it may glitch, which may result into a health hazard or physical injuries.

As for my kids being taught by a humanoid robot, I would NEVER allow such an act as it doesn’t allow my kids to socially interact with real humans like myself and make friends with living and breathing human beings.

    6. Article on Aman’s Post about a 3D printer called “Panda-Bot”.

(a)   My comments were:

This 3D printer is a very intriguing and interesting idea. However, I believe that those middle-class people of the world would not buy this printer as there are not many benefits to having one, unless you have a career or hobby in creating miniature plastic objects. Although, since I am a believer in evolution, I believe that this “prototype” (in my opinion) will evolve into a machine that can print out beneficial materials such as metal nuts and bolts to repair machinery.

As for buying this printer, I would not have any need for it as it serves no real purpose in benefiting me and not worth my money. Moreover, I have better uses for my money like buying food to survive for instance.

Reiterating, I believe this product will make a difference in technology for the future as idealists and creators are always looking for ways to evolve any technological device.

7. Article on (PERIOD 4) Hamza’s Post about California approving “self-driving automobiles.

(a)   My comments were:

This topic is very interesting and I also found it rather funny! The thought of blind people “driving” is very unusual and in my opinion unlikely as I believe that most blind people would probably feel as though they aren’t exercising enough and continue on walking. However, that is just my opinion and there may be those who have the audacity to get in a car and have it drive for you.

Basically, this product is very interesting and may be known as a huge accomplishment for mankind. In addition, even I would buy this car as long as the price is around my standards.

As for feeling safe on the road with this car, without experiencing it, I would say that I wouldn’t feel really safe as it is EXTREMELY new and you never when their machinery will glitch and fail.

8. Article on (PERIOD 4) Nimratpal’s Post about PCs disappearing due to Apple’s tablets.

(a)   My comments were:

In my opinion, even though Apple is selling tons of I-pads, the PC will never go away as idealists and inventors are constantly looking for ways to revolutionize the way it benefits people. Also, I believe that there are those who will always be PC users as it may have been in their life for a long time and therefore they are more accustomed to it.

Currently, I am a proud owner of a PC.

Personally, I only own a PC so my opinion is a bit biased as I think that a PC is better, just because I never used a tablet to its full extent.

Based on my opinion, the question of “Do you think that the PC will have a come back?” is irrelevant as the PC won’t disappear.

9. Article on Michael’s Post about the release of a video game called “Resident Evil 6”.

(a)   My comments were:

Being a fan of the Resident Evil Series, I have high hopes for this game as from the trailers it looks pretty good. Not only that, but I have played the Resident Evil 6 demo and might I add that the developers have made some really pleasing changes that make the game flow with ease. In addition, the graphics have improved as well such as the amount of content like collectibles.

Based on my opinion, this game will be rather successful as the hype has been building up around the fact that you can play three separate campaigns with three different protagonists from recent Resident Evil games.

Also, I would definitely buy this game as I have already experienced how amazing it truly is. In addition, I would also recommend that other people get this game as well, that is if you are a fan of action-supernatural based video games.

   10. Article on (PERIOD 4) Harky’s Post about 10 apps that can help you in Post-Secondary institutes.

(a)    My comments were:

In my opinion these back-to-school apps will not only be beneficial for university students of this year, but also future students going to post-secondary education. I personally like the “Do” app as it is a great, fast and easy to access organization feature on your phone. I would even download this app and recommend it to my fellow post-secondary colleagues. However, based on the description of the “Wolfram Alpha” app, it seems pretty useless as one can simply use Wi-Fi connection or 3G, to access the internet and search for information without having to pay $2.00 for an app that may be faulty. Overall, majority of these apps seem to be very useful in making a student’s life in college an easy-going one.

 11. Article on Aman’s Post on porn websites stealing images and videos posted by young people.

(a)    My comments were:

I also think that (like Aman’s opinion), not only teens, but anybody posting these horrendous pictures on the internet are naive/stupid. In addition, I pity these types of people who DON’T think before they do something as idiotic as this. It could be due to their “limited knowledge” about the dangers of the internet and no one has yet to tell them about these dangers. The reason behind this is beyond me.

If someone I knew did get exposed like this I would probably just send them to some speaker or counselor that knows a lot about the dangers of purposely exposing yourself via the internet. Also, if they still don’t learn from their mistake(s), depending on who they are, I may just shut their internet down.


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