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First Business Poster Idea:

In this poster I was attempting to create a poster that MAINLY focuses on select types of products EB games sell. In making this poster, majority of the effects I used were from the “Filmstrip” photoshop projects, as you may be able to tell from the filmstrip in the poster. Moreover, I merged multiple layers together (this includes picture layers and text layers) and once merged, I went to the ‘Edit’ tab> Transform> Warp, and chose the preset warp named “Bulge”. In addition, I used my ability to apply effects to layers to make the picture stand-out more than a poster with no texture, contour or depth. Some examples of the effects I used were ‘Bevel and Emboss’, ‘Inner Shadow’, ‘Pattern Overlay’, ‘Stroke’ and ‘Inner Glow’. Also, another simple but useful skill I used in creating this poster was adjusting the ‘Layers List’ in such a way that certain layers appear on top/below other layers, such as the filmstrip on top of the pictures of products in the store. What I really like about this poster is the simple black background behind the detailed logos and pictures because it really brings out the more important things like the address and products. However, I don’t like the fact that it may seem to simple to other people and maybe even pretty bland. As for challenges, at first I tried to connect the two film strips in a twisting type style and put the products in there. Although, when I put the pictures in the film rebate, some of the products were distorted and you couldn’t really make out what it was. Also, I had trouble refining the borders of the film strip as every time I tried “feathering” it and editing the effect on it, it still appeared fairly “low-res”. However, in the end I managed to make the poster fairly “sharp” and interesting to look at.

“Before” pictures used in poster:

Second Business Poster Idea:

In this Poster I wanted to create a cluster of products at EB games that show low-prices, sales, price drops and neat bonuses when you purchase certain items. The Photoshop effects and skills I used in this poster were mainly the ability to make effects to highlight and “pop-out” the products. These effects are similar to the effects in the aforementioned poster (the 1st poster) such as  ‘Bevel and Emboss’, ‘Inner Shadow’, ‘Pattern Overlay’, ‘Stroke’ and ‘Inner Glow’. Another skill I used was the skill to adjust which layer goes on top of what layer via the ‘Layers List’. Also, I used my skill to paste certain pictures into other pictures through either cut & paste or copy & paste into, as for this one I used cut & paste. What I really like about this poster is the amount of content I managed to get on without totally blocking any product’s picture with text. I also like the variety of color in this poster. However, I don’t like the fact that somebody may find this too much of a cluster of pictures. As for challenges I had, the main challenge was putting all these pictures and prices together in such a way that the message of low prices is effective. I also had a very small yet very irritating challenges as well; trying to make the slogan even more visible, No matter what I did, whether it be erasing, feathering or some other way, it would not change to fit my standard, but hopefully it was enough for other people who view it.

“Before” pictures used in poster:

“Best for Last” Third Business Poster:

THIS business poster is my favorite poster as I had a brilliant idea to attract the customers’ attention to this poster. My idea was to have a highly anticipated game for a console, in this case the Xbox 360 (HALO 4)  and have a very eye catching center picture of that game “popping out”, while having the game cover underneath followed by another upcoming game and another game that was highly anticipated and already on the shelves for purchase. The amount of Photoshop effects and skills I used for this poster are massive/immense. For example, I used the previously mentioned effects for most layers such as  ‘Bevel and Emboss’, ‘Inner Shadow’, ‘Pattern Overlay’, ‘Stroke’ and ‘Inner Glow’. In addition, I also used the ‘Drop Shadow’, ‘Outer Glow’, ‘Contour’ and ‘Texture’ effects on most layers. Another effect/skill I used was the “Out of Bounds” effect previously used in my “Out of Bounds” Photoshop projects. This effect was applied to the “Spartan” in the middle of the picture. Not only that, I used a skill and effect obtained from my experience in making the “Fireworks” projects, which was the “increasing the amount of sky” effect (I applied it to the space background). To recap, to make this effect simply use the “Rectangular Marquee Tool” and select an area of sky you wish to extend, right-click somewhere in the middle of the Marquee’s borders, choose the ‘Layer via Cut’ option and then on that new layer use the free-transform option by pressing “Ctrl + T” on the key board and grab the top middle handle towards the top edge of the canvas. Additionally, I used my previously mentioned skill of adjusting the ‘Layers List’ in such a way that certain layers appear on top or under other layers. In addition, I added some originality by going to EB games and asking the clerk (Megan), if I could take a picture of the store for a project. With all this hard effort I put into this poster, I basically like everything about it, but I still wonder and think about what would happen if I added this or that. As for problems, I had numerous challenges in creating this poster the way it is now. For example, I had trouble applying the “Out of bounds” effect as the perspective was not to my standards for a long time, but I was soon able to adjust it to what I wanted/pictured. Also, the effects on the pictures and text needed some time and consideration to apply, as certain effects actually ruined the picture and made it rather retro and cartoon like. Overall, I was able to make this photo REALLY close to the way I pictured it and I am still thinking of ways to make it even better.

“Before” pictures used in picture:


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