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IT Consulting Project


What did you enjoy about this assignment?

I enjoyed obtaining information about EB games as there were some interesting info on how data is collected and how it flows in this certain business. Also, I never realized, until this project, how curious I was in knowing how EB games functions and how their data flows within the business. Basically, I enjoyed the hands-on portion of this project!

What challenges did you face with this assignment?

A challenge I faced with this assignment is obtaining the information. For example, even during their “non-peak” hours I still had to come back the next day and ask the remaining questions on the template! However, the project was fairly straight-forward and I didn’t really experience any other challenges other than the aforementioned problem obtaining information.

What did you learn from this assignment, and how could this help you in your future?

From this assignment, I learned how a basic business transports certain info to different bosses and co-workers within a business. This information can be very beneficial for me as I have leverage over other people trying to obtain jobs. Moreover, the leverage I have over other people searching for a job is the knowledge of the basic flow of data within some businesses, this will therefore cause most employers to most likely hire me over the other person!


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