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  • I started working with photoshop on September 13th, 2012, and I had many issues trying to figure out how to use certain features. However, I did manage to figure it out and enjoy editing and pasting pictures on the program. Now I am looking forward to trying out the more different features of Photoshop!

The collage contains a photo of me, other images from the internet and words that describe the type/ kind of person I am. I chose those certain images because they are somethings that I would really like to have in the future (applys to some pictures) and the other photos I just find interesting and enjoy. As for the words, I chose words that BEST describe the kind of person I am. For example, the word “Mr.Love” describes how caring and inclusive I am with most people (that is if they respect me back). The same goes with the other words (and pictures), in that they all have meaning behind them.


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