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Make it Rain


Statue of Liberty (finished edited version):

Original (Pandora) Image:

Finished Edited (Pandora) Version:

Original (Breaking Bad) Image:

Finished Edited (Breaking Bad) Version:


Extra Credit (original):

Extra Credit (Edited Version):

Steps To Success in “Making It Rain:

  • First, click on the adjustments button located under the “Layers List” on the right of the program and choose “Levels”:
  • Now grab a paint brush, make sure black is your foreground color, adjust the opacity if you want and on that adjustments layer (the layer mask) simply color over the object you don’t want to be dark.
  • Then make a new layer by clicking the new layer icon located underneath the “Layers List”:
  • Then fill it with black by going to the ‘Edit’ tab> Fill and under “Use:” simply choose black or foreground color (if you choose foreground color make sure it is black)
  • After go to the ‘Filter’ tab> Noise> Add Noise, and on the window that pops up change the amount to 100%, put the distribution to “GAUSSIAN” and check “MONOCHROMATIC” then hit OK.
  • Now go back to the ‘Filter’ tab> Blur> Motion Blur, and on the window that pops up make the angle whatever you want and for the pixels you can put about 50-100 and click OK.
  • Then press ‘Ctrl + L’ on the keyboard to open up the “Levels” window, and once there drag all the sliders towards the black peak until it looks something like this:
  • Note that once you hit OK more “rain” will magically appear.
  • Then on that black layer, change the blend mode to ‘Screen’ located on top of the “Layers List” to the right of the program:
  • After, go to the ‘Edit’ tab> Transform> Perspective, and drag the bottom corner handles outward to make that 3D effect.
  • Then go to back to the ‘Filter’ tab> Blur> Gaussian Blur, and change the amount of pixels to about 2-3 pixels.
  • Then grab the paint brush tool adjust the opacity to about 50% and adjust the size of the brush until it fairly big, then simply click on the picture to lower the opacity of the rain.
  • Finally, click the adjustments icon once again (located underneath the ‘Layers List’ and this time choose “Hue/Saturation”. Now on that panel adjust the levels to your liking fairly bluish and check colorize. The end result should look something like the other image below this one (the panda one)          :

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