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Vancouver Skyline:

Original (London Bridge):

Edited (London Bridge) Version:

Original (Tokyo):

Edited Version (Tokyo):

Steps to success:

  • Firstly choose an image with a black sky and open it with Photoshop. Also, open up some fireworks pictures with a fairly dark colored background.
  • Then edit the levels of the fireworks by going to the ‘Image’ tab > Adjustments > Levels, and using the mouse drag the gray and black arrows in the window that popped up towards the right until the background is very dark and your firework is still very visible with most of its color shown, then click ‘OK’.
  • Then go to and click the ‘Window’ tab> Arrange> Tile.
  • Now drag your edited firework image into the image where you want to add fireworks by clicking and holding the left-mouse button.
  • Now with that fireworks layer still selected, on the right side where it reads ‘Layers’, right underneath it should say ‘normal’, using the mouse left-click it and change it to ‘screen’ which will make the black portion of that layer ‘disappear’ and match the black sky.
  • You may then edit your firework’s size to your liking by selecting the layer and pressing Ctrl + T on the keyboard, then simply use the mouse to scale however you like.
  • Now do the same with any other fireworks you wish to use!

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