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The following have been edited to make it appear as though Polaroid pictures have scattered on a floor or table.

Princess Margaret Hockey Team:

Avengers Team (original):

Avengers Team (Polaroid Version):

Family Guy (Original):

Family Guy (Polaroid Version):

Steps To Success:

  • First go to the ‘File’ tab> New and change the dimensions, in pixels, to 1000 for the width and 1000 for the height, then left-click on OK.
  • Now with the canvas that just opened, on the keyboard press ‘Ctrl + I’ to invert that white canvas to a black color.  Now if your background color is not already a white color, then make it white by hitting the ‘D’ key on the keyboard, therefore the frame of the picture will be white later on.
  • Now go to the ‘Image’ tab> Canvas Size, and in pixels again change the width and height to 1100 pixels to create a white frame around that black area where a picture is supposed to be.
  • Then go back to the ‘Image’ tab> Canvas Size, and using pixels once more, ONLY change the height of the canvas to 1300 pixels this time and “anchor it” by clicking the arrow pointing straight up:
  • Now in the “Layers List” on the right get rid of the padlock by double clicking on the layer in the layers list until a window pops up where it gives you the option to change the name to anything you want, and on that window (you may change the name if you want) simply hit the OK button.
  • Then grab the ‘Magic Wand’ tool and click anywhere on that black area, followed by pressing the ‘Delete’ key on the keyboard, therefore deleting that black area and making room for pictures/images to be put into that space. Now go to the ‘Select’ tab> Deselect and click ‘Deselect’.
  • Next, to make the frame have more depth to it, first go to and left-click the ‘Layer’ tab> Layer Style> Bevel and Emboss and move the softness slider to the right to make that depth effect better.
  • Then click the “Pattern Overlay option and in that section, click the arrow indicated with the red star in the below image and choose “Color Paper” and on the window that pops up click ‘Append’:
  • Then click the third one from the bottom of the list (recommended), or choose any other one if you want and click ‘OK’.
  • Now make a new layer by clicking the button shown in the image below:
  • Now go and click the ‘Layer’ tab> Merge Invisible to merge the empty layer with the layer with effects, thus hiding those effects in the layers list.
  • Then go and click the ‘Image’ tab> Adjustments> Levels, and move the grey slider, by clicking and holding the left-mouse button towards the white slider at the right, just so it is grey enough to stand out of the white background.
  • After go to the ‘Select’ tab> Select All, then go to the ‘Edit’ tab> Copy. Then open up the image/picture you wish to add this “Polaroid effect” to.
  • With that image/picture opened in Photoshop, now simply paste as many “Polaroid frames” into the picture by going to and clicking the ‘Edit’ tab> Paste or pressing ‘Ctrl + J’ on the keyboard.
  • Next, simply adjust each frame’s size by pressing ‘Ctrl + T’ on the keyboard and fit it with a section of an image you want to have the effect of a Polaroid frame.
  • When you have finished adjusting the frames, left-click on your background layer in the layers list, then go to and left-click the ‘Select’ tab> Select All, then go to and click the ‘Edit’ tab> Copy, then deselect everything by pressing ‘Ctrl + D’ on the keyboard. After that, go to the ‘Edit’ tab once again> Fill, and fill it with ‘White’ in the “Use:” section of the window that popped up and click OK..
  • After, click on the top layer in the ‘Layers List’, select the ‘Magic Wand Tool’ and left-click inside that Layer’s Polaroid Frame, if you have done it right, you should have “borders” around the inside of ONE Polaroid Frame, and not the whole Canvas.
  • Once that is done go to the ‘Edit’ tab> Paste Special> Paste Into, that way only some of the picture is pasted into that space and not all of it, making it look like it was taken with a Polaroid Camera. Now, do this with every other “Polaroid frame”
  • Adding the final touches, to make this look better you can click on THE TOP FRAME of the Polaroid picture in the ‘Layers List’ NOT THE PICTURE WITH THE LAYER MASK but THE FRAME below that layer, then go to and click the ‘Layer’ tab > Layer Style> Drop Shadow, then increase the size to make it “blend out” and adjust the distance as you wish to make it look fairly realistic and hit OK.
  • Then while holding the ‘Alt’ key on the keyboard and with the mouse, click and HOLD the left-mouse button on the fx icon in the layers list, and drag it down onto the other frames to make every “Polaroid Frame” have the effect.
  • Finally, you can adjust the collaboration of pictures by clicking the layer you want to move in the “Layers List” in between the layer mask and image so that a “link” icon will appear. Then once you have done that, hold the ‘Shift’ key on the keyboard and left-click the layer directly underneath the one you have just “linked” (the frame of the picture), then you can grab the ‘Move Tool’ and simply move the picture on the canvas to your liking.
  • You may do this to the other layers if you wish, then once you’re done that you have successful created this “Polaroid Effect” on an image.

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