Q1: What tutorials did you enjoy doing the most?

  • I enjoyed the out of bounds tutorial and the fractured tutorial the most because of the amount of work/detail you must pay attention to to create a well done and eye-catching effect. I also like the fact that there are many diverse ways to make the image appear very intriguing and interesting.

Q2: The 3 pieces of work I am most proud of are the following below:The image above (Gundam Deathscythe Hell) was my “Extra Credit” Photoshop assignment that I had the most fun working on, editing and making the effect really work as I love the idea/concept of “Gundams” (man-operable machines). I took so much time into “quick selecting” the appropriate areas and choosing the right amount of “feathering” to smooth out those selection borders. Overall, the end result turned out to be just how I pictured it to pop-out.

The above image (Daryl from the Walking Dead TV series) is another Photoshop assignment that I enjoyed working on as I love watching the Walking Dead on TV and Daryl is one of my favorite characters on the show. Like the previous image (Gundam Deathscythe Hell) I spent tons of time making the fractured bits look how I wanted it to look as well as the overall picture. Once I was done working on this image, it turned out to be even better than I imagined.

The above image (Business Poster) is by far the piece of work that I am the MOST proud of (even more than the 2 images above this one) as I spent tons of time thinking about how  I wanted it organized and placed. I also spent tons of time using the Photoshop skills I used in past Photoshop assignments to make this “Photoshop wonder” how it is today. Overall, I believe that this poster could look no better as it has reached the best of the best in posters today.

Q3: An example of a challenge I had when working through Photoshop is trying to make the effect look fairly professional on my first try as I was just learning on how to create the effect on that image and I was a beginner at the time (this is my first year using Photoshop). Another challenge I had was adjusting certain numbers in certain images (like the stroke width in the out of bounds Photoshop tutorial) to make it the “appropriate” size for your picture.

Q4: I wouldn’t really say I did extra tutorials, but I did do some extra Photoshop assignments in addition to those required assignments. Moreover, I did extra assignments in the “Make It Rain” Photoshop category and the “Out of Bounds” & “Fractured” categories.

Q5: Out of 10, I would give myself a 10 based on my diligent and amazing effort, and my constantly on task performance. Moreover, I always tried my best on all my Photoshop assignments to make it look visually appealing and realistic as possible. In my opinion, my 10 out of 10 effort shows in ALL my assignments and even my steps located on my WordPress page. Also, whenever I am selecting certain areas in some projects that require selecting, I always zoom in and carefully try to select ONLY the area that is to be selected and I play around with magnitude numbers in the program to see if I can make it look even better than the one in another person’s tutorial. As for my performance, it is no doubt that I am really serious and diligent when it comes to stepping up to the game and performing well, even fellow student and classmate Aman Dhillon says, “Because he deserves it”.

Q6: When working through the Photoshop unit I learned many things that will help me in the future, but the following examples are the ones that will greatly help me in the future. One beneficial thing I learned was how to add cool, nice and realistic effects to enhance any picture as long as I can upload it on to the Photoshop program. This will help me in the future as I can bring back many of my old family pictures “back to life” and I am sure many of my family members would enjoy that and genuinely appreciate my hard work. Another thing I learned was the ability to use shortcuts and apply those shortcuts to different programs, and it is no doubt that this will help me in the future and give me leverage over other people looking for employment in the “Trades and Technology” focus area when I am working with computers (which I plan on doing for my career). Note that there are many more things that I learned but THESE 2 are the MAIN ideas that I have learned and grasped from participating in this memorable unit.


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