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  • Internet definition: Websites and applications used for social networking.
  • My definition: Social media is the interaction and communication between human beings through a media-based website and media-based applications.

Examples of Social Media:

Facebook: Facebook is a social media website that allows users to tell their subscribers how they are doing by “posting an update status”. It also allows users to communicate and type with each other using the built-in chat system.facebook-logo

Twitter: Twitter is another social media website that, similar to Facebook, allows users to tell any “followers” in this case, how they are doing by posting an update status.twitter-logo-1

YouTube: YouTube is another social media website where users can view and even upload there own videos on this site for many others to view on the site. In addition, one can share a specific video on other social media websites such as the ones listed above this one.Youtube_Logo_2005

WordPress: WordPress is a social media website that allows users to post pictures, posts, articles and basically whatever they want to post, so that others may look at it and can even comment or share it on other social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter.wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb

Google+: Google+ is another social media website that is very similar to Facebook in where users post update statuses or whatever they want to post, for all their friends to see. In addition, one can “like” and or comment on those peoples’ posts.google_plus_logo

My Personal Experience:

I had and am still using social media to communicate with the general public. For example, I am currently using WordPress to post projects for my Info Tech 11 class and articles about technology around the world. In addition, I sometimes use Facebook to chat with friends for a bit. Also, I use YouTube quite a bit for watching videos from the people I subscribed to as well as new trending videos from random users. Moreover, I upload videos on YouTube as well with my YouTube account.

Benefits of Social Media:

There are an immense amount of benefits to Social Media. For example, it enables people around the world to connect with one another and communicate with each other. Moreover, it causes people to learn more about the different foods, celebrations, landmarks and tragedies that are happening in the different parts of the Earth. That is probably the most beneficial benefit of Social Media and even though that there are many other benefits, they are pretty minuscule compared to the aforementioned benefit.

Negatives of Social Media:

Despite the amount of benefits of Social Media, there are also many negatives to Social Media. For example, cyber-bullying, a harmful interaction between people over the internet has caused many people (teenagers especially) to isolate themselves from society and sometimes even worse, take their lives. Another example, is that too much interaction with social media websites can cause that person to become lazy and not interactive in real life conversations; face to face.

Future of Social Media:

Social media will continue to be used  in society as it is way too helpful and beneficial for humanity to stop trying to improve. Moreover, through technology social media will be improved as nowadays people are able to have virtual face-to-face conversations on their mobile device. Basically, and to put in short, social media WILL NEVER DIE out before the world comes to an end!


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